Firewood Sales

Our log yard  getting ready for cutting and splitting our production!
Our inventory of hardwood logs for a thousand cords of firewood!

Firewood at Waldeck-U LesaAn important activity at Waldeck-U Lesa is the annual harvest of firewood from the hardwood forests on the over 2000 acre property. This activity is aimed at a sustainable harvest by cutting selected mature trees and clearing the woods of windfalls and fallen trees on an annual basis. Waldeck-U Lesa provides seasonal employment to several people in this enterprise and it contributes substantially to the local economy.

Premium Hardwood Firewood

Winching & Hauling

Splitting and Loading

Testing the finest Recochem® chain saw oil!

If you are interested in purchasing corded firewood, please email firewood@waldeckulesa.com or contact the farm at 819-686-3323.

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