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Norseman Wulf
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Norseman "Gold" Classified Stallion

Johannes Schweisgut, Managing Director of the Haflinger Pferdezuchtverband Tirol, Haflingergestut Fohlenhof in Ebbs, Austria and member of the Austrian Parliament, Department of Agriculture, visited Waldeck-U Lesa farm in July 2001.

While Mr. Schweisgut was at Waldeck-U Lesa, he conducted an inspection on the imported Austrian stallion Norseman WULF, born February 25, 1996.

The results are in and we are proud to announce that Norseman achieved the prestigeous world "Gold" classification.

This tall, fine-boned stallion possesses an excellent character and he exhibits all of the greatest Haflinger characteristics: chestnut colour, a beautiful white flowing mane and tail, and he sports the much sought after white stripe on the face. This Austrian import has a quiet demeanor and an easygoing nature. He shows excellent movement and straightness. Training progressing with the emphasis on Dressage. Broke ride, drive, jump and trail ride.

This past summer of 2005, Norseman participated in his second season of dressage competition. Once again, we attended the AERSO dressage circuit , in Hudson Quebec, competing against all breeds of horses from Quebec and Ontario. Norseman performed superbly and surprised many people when they learned that he is an active breeding stallion. We finished the dressage season with a second place ribbon in a class of 18 horses! In 2006, Norseman will be moving up to 1st Level. We capped off the show season with a trip to The Barrie Fair, in Barrie, Ontario. Norseman placed 1st in the 3yr old and older stallion conformation class and went on to win Champion Male. He also performed flawlessly in a Pas De Deux demonstration with the gelding St. Kitzbi

Norseman is a proven stud with a perfect record of siring exceptionally good quality foals. Norseman is a top notch example of a modern horse complying well with all of today's requirements for a Haflinger stallion on the North American continent.

His foals of the new millenium have lived up to our expectations and we expect even greater results in the future.
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Norseman Wulf
Date of Birth: February 25 1996
Sire Nestroy 1456 Northwind 1258/liz.
Sabina 11307/T
Dam Andri 14661/T
Stuart 1469
Aurikel 13201/T
Height 59 inches | 14.3 hands | 149.86 cm.
Norseman performing
at the Barrie Fair
The magnificent Norseman Wulf at Waldeck-U Lesa

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