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"North America's leading Haflinger farm......."

The Magnificent Norseman Wulf
Stallion Norseman Wulf

  • Norseman WULF
    "Gold" Classified Stallion

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  • Immediate delivery or reserve your firewood for winter 2010/11!

    Waldeck-U-Lesa farm is a significant producer of corded firewood. Click here are some pictures of our winter logging operations.

  • Maple Syrup

    Waldeck-U-Lesa's spring production of maple syrup is legendary! Our unique elixir of spring - Joseph Kuchar's "Mont Tremblant Maple Syrup"® Starting with the pure sap of the sugar maple tree that begins to "run" in the warm spring days of March we produce a pure Quebec maple syrup that is available in 540ml cans packed in cases of 8 cans. Please email-us with your requirements and for a quotation delivered. We can ship via UPS to most of the world. This is a unique product and makes wonderful gifts to friends and associates.

  • Unforgettable Haflinger photos!
    These photos were taken by Laurentian photographer Connie Grisley on March 10, 2001 at Waldeck.
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    Downloadable Icons and Cursors
    Here is a fun download for you! 8 haflinger icons and cursors that you can use on your desktop! This is a zipped file. Download and extract. Replace those windows icons with haflingers and replace your regular cursor with a haflinger!

    The story of the Haflingers in the Laurentians

    Nestled in the Rouge River Valley in the Laurentians just west of Mont Tremblant lies a very special place: Waldeck-U Lesa experimental farm. Anyone who drives by this farm located on the road between La Conception to Labelle cannot help but notice the flags of many countries flying all around the immaculate stables and indoor riding ring but it is not the flags that make you look twice. It is the magnificent caramel/blond horses with their flowing flaxen manes in the fields beyond the stables that catch your eye. The beauty of these horses literally takes your breath away and once exposed you will fall in love with them!

    This extraordinary experimental farm is, according to Otto Schweisgut, the world's leading authority on Haflingers, the best kept Haflinger farm on the North American continent. It is indeed a special place. Since 1983, selected stallions and mares from the best Austrian stock have been bred to produce a bloodline that is at the top of North American standards. Immaculate stable conditions, high standards of cleanliness and superior diets all contribute to producing a sturdy and healthy animal.

    The farm grows its own winter feed using a highly nutritious blend of hay grasses fortified with magnesium sulphate. Nearly 2,000 acres of pastureland provide the farm's Haflingers with an ideal environment reminiscent of their Alpine heritage.

    Lana Wulf - a world class broodmare
    Broodmare Lana Wulf

    The Breed

    The Haflinger breed originated in the South Tyrol of Austria where the difficult mountain terrain demanded an agile and surefooted horse. Modern generations of Haflingers descend from the crossing of a half Arab stallion and a refined Tyrolean mare in the late 1800's. The high quality of the breed has been rigorously maintained by the Haflinger's Breeders' Association of Tyrol. It's strict regulations - based on the principle of "selection" rather than "production" - have ensured the development of an ideal all-round pleasure horse.

    The Haflinger has now evolved into one of the world's most sought after pleasure horses. They are calm, good natured, surefooted and willing to work, making them suitable to all equine disciplines.

    They are excellent jumpers and easily trained for dressage. With their quiet disposition, they are ideal for trail riding and childrens' programs.

    Not surprisingly, this sturdy breed is equally at home as a draft horse. Halflingers are used for all forms of farm work and as pulling teams for sleighs and show wagons.

    Today's Haflingers have lost none of the rugged nature of their Tyrolean ancestors and will thrive in areas of great temperature extremes. They can winter outdoors, even in harsh weather, and take well to snowy conditions. Because they eat about half a regular horse's feed, Haflingers ask relatively little for their generous output of work.


    From birth, foals are handled several times a day to develop the innate friendliness of the breed. Serious training begins as soon as they reach the age of three - trail riding, driving, dressage and jumping. Waldeck-U-Lesa Farm has regularly brought in leading Austrian trainers for one to two year residencies, including the world-famous R. Prandstaetter to assure the highest-calibre standard of training.

    Waldeck-U-Lesa and Joseph KucharJoseph Kuchar

    There is far more to this experimental farm than just pretty horses. The inspiration behind this project is self-made businessman Joseph Kuchar. His rigorous standards provide an example to all who come in contact with him. This farm contributes considerably to the entire community both from an economic and social point of view.

    First there are direct economic activities generated by the farm that impact the region. These start with an annual sale of foals by auction which generates important foreign exchange income as well as many foals are sold to American enthusiasts. Several people are employed year round on the farm maintaining the stables and cultivating the land. An annual cut of firewood is made for sale in the region. This activity provides much needed winter employment. The farm also provides a testing environment for various agricultural and veterinary chemical products.

    The farm has an important educational mission as well which has a valuable long-lasting social impact. Agricultural students spend time at the farm participating in testing programs and gaining experience. The invaluable mentorship that Joseph Kuchar is able to impart to many young people by his example is perhaps the most important intangible that comes from Waldeck-U-Lesa. Too often today many things are done without any standard of excellence and it is an invaluable experience to any young person to see things done properly and on a world standard as they are done at this farm.

    Moreover the invaluable equestrian training that many young people have received at this farm will be carried throughout their life and spread far beyond the borders of this very special farm located right here in the Laurentians. In helping develop the Haflinger breed in North America, Waldeck-U Lesa also aims to promote horseback riding itself. Riding is a wonderfully invigorating fresh-air activity that is both physically and mentally beneficial. Caring for and building a relationship with a horse calls for much patience and commitment - bringing out the best in both children and adults alike. For anyone new to the joys of horse ownership, the Haflinger is the perfect choice.

    For additional information about the Haflingers at Waldeck-U Lesa, you may contact the farm at 819-686-3323 or 3335, or Fax at 819-686-1290

    Click here to view profiles of individual horses.View the Magnificent
    Horses of Waldeck

    Click here to view profiles of individual horses.

    A slide show of some pictures of life at the farm!
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