Sales & Upcoming Auctions

We have both mares, geldings and foals for sale during the year.
Please email us for pricing and additional information.
and include your name, address and telephone number in the e-mail.

As you drive down the lanes of Waldeck-U Lesa there is always a welcoming committee!
Haflingers for sale
Stud Service
Norseman Wulf a superb Haflinger stallion. Imported from Austria in 1996 by the farm expressly for breeding. This stallion has noble comportment, an impeccable conformation as shown in the picture. His coat is rich with copper highlights. Intelligent, calm and easygoing.

We can arrange to keep your mares at our first class stables until ultrasound confirmation.

Please contact us by email or phone to confirm your booking and current terms and pricing to cover.

Norseman - noble comportment, impeccable conformation. Book now!

A slide show of some pictures of life at the farm!
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