Haflinger Links

Toomi Waissi on StaniHere are some Haflinger sites to jump to!

  • Canadian Haflinger Association
  • Canadian Livestock Records Corp. (Haflingers)
  • American Haflinger Registry
  • Haflinger Pedigree Registry
  • World Haflinger Association
  • Haflinger breeders of the Tirol (Austria)
  • Southern Tirol site
  • German Association
  • Stallions of Canada
  • Great Britain Association

  • Yahoo! Haflinger Webring
    Yahoo! Haflinger Webring

  • Haflinger Friends E-Group

    Netherlands Links

  • Meadowbridge Farm
  • Grison Haflinger Farm
  • If you would like to be listed here as a Haflinger link, please e-mail us with your request.

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