Waldeck-U Lesa Experimental Farm
Champion Haflingers

The facilities at Waldeck-U Lesa are first class in every way and create an environment reminiscent of the Austrian Tyrol with the brightly painted red and white striped buildings.
The Facilities
One glance at the barn as you enter this special place and you realize that nothing is spared in making this a world class horse farm. The quality of a Waldeck-u Lesa foal begins with breeding and follows through in upbringing. The foals are well nourished, exercised and groomed with impeccable care with the goal of developing their full potential, personality and spirit. From the covered arena for winter riding to the immaculate barns, nothing is spared for the care and attention of Waldeck-U Lesa Haflingers.

Clean modern stables for the best Haflingers!
The Stable
The stable is always immaculate. Automated cleaners and manure handling systems are used to recycle waste. Each stall is beautifully designed for the horse's comfort. Most have windows that overlook the beautiful surrounding Rouge River valley.

It is no accident that the environment that a Waldeck-U Lesa foal experiences early in life contributes to building the confidence and character of the horse. The ability to run and exercise in expansive fields is important to the overall development as well and all horses are turned out into fields daily. When you purchase a Waldeck-u Lesa foal, you purchase an animal that has been well loved and treated with respect from the moment of conception.

Harness for driving
A well equipped tack room
The Tack Room
The farm has a well equipped tack room with saddles and harnesses for driving. One of Mr. Kuchar's enduring gifts to all those that come in contact with him is that he insists that everything be done properly. Through his example many young riders will carry this standard of excellence through their lives.
A gorgeous Waldeck-U Lesa Haflinger with the magnificent mane enjoys the autumn sunshine!
The Haflinger
Caring for and loving an animal brings out the best in all of us. This beautiful horse enjoys the late autumn sunshine at Waldeck-U Lesa. The sheen of the chestnut coat and the white mane and nose blade are intrinsic to the well bred haflinger.

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