Champion Haflingers

St. Kitzbi - Austrian import chestnut gelding
A wonderful open expression and exceptional temperament. His willingness to please makes him a pleasure to work with. He is very well trained in dressage and jumping. He competed successfully in the summers of 1996-1999 in combined eventing with high hopes for the future.
Significantly, Kitzbi is the only Haflinger in North America that has reached and passed the highest level successfully in the Pony Club test.

St. Kitzbi
Date of Birth: March 13 1991
Sire Star 1426 Sturmer 1293
Luzzi 11698/T
Dam Walzer 12265/T
Marschall 1005
Watussa 10641/T
Height 59 inches | 14.3 hands | 149.56 cm.
 St Kitzbi  Austrian import

For additional information about the Haflingers at Waldeck-U Lesa
you may contact the farm at 819-686-3323 or 3335, or Fax at 819-686-1290

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