Champion Haflingers

Lazitta Wulf - Austrian import Chestnut Mare
Lazitta has good refined conformation and excellent movement. She is very agreeable to work around and is very attentive during training. Shows high attitude for dressage. Has also been worked on the long rein. Bred to Norseman Wulf for 2006.

Lazitta Wulf
Date of Birth: February 25 1995
Sire Archimedes 1509 Agra 1397
Muschi 10580/T
Dam Lucy 13961/T
Midas 1262
Lilo 12976/T
Height 57 inches | 14.1 hands | 144.78 cm.
 Lazitta - Bred to Norseman Wulf for 2006

For additional information about the Haflingers at Waldeck-U Lesa
you may contact the farm at 819-686-3323 or 3335, or Fax at 819-686-1290

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